Jen Beck, LMFT, LPC

Approach to Therapy

Change is not easy and prioritizing your mental health is a courageous and vulnerable first step. Building a trusting, supportive and safe relationship is crucial for the therapeutic relationship. I find that it is worth investing in your emotional intelligence, building tools to empower you, setting boundaries and exploring your personal growth to reveal your full potential.

Lupine Flower Blossom

Together, we will uncover your strengths, strategize solutions and support your movement past the day-to-day struggles you are facing in your life and in your relationships. I will offer a non-judgmental, warm, honest and empowering approach so we can collaboratively explore your goals, actively heal, articulate your needs and create movement toward wellness in your life. I strive to practice from an inclusive stance with a social justice and antiracist perspective as well as to honor individuals as they identify as their authentic selves.